engaging the omni screen generation through personalization

A data driven engagement platform creating instant, simultaneously related, yet personalized experiences on any connected device. By leveraging smart content creation practices in production and crowd sourcing, Source easily manages and integrates the most popular production tools and applications, orchestrating alignment to the program content, then virtualizing that information for downstream applications. The result enables synchronized levels of personal engagements empowering content to be a storefront for the “in screen” sale of products and services, crowd-sourced marketing and social engagement by creating incentives for consumers to share offers, programmatic and enhanced advertising using in program metadata, and augmented entertainment experiences like VR/AR, interactivity, and “gameifcation”. 

The Platform

The Source Platform is a cloud-based architecture, capable of extending into the physical locale. By leveraging a combination of state of the art database technology along with a unique set of patented and patent pending IP, Source virtualizes the relationship of the principal content and the data that surrounds it. This virtual relationship creates an advanced framework for aggregating, assigning, and managing a perpetual lifecycle of production and consumer contributed ancillary data. The result is a new model for unlocking and monetizing your content.

Source makes content smarter, essentially leveraging production metadata and ancillary content that is derived and aggregated from production processes and tools already in place further extended via manual logging using Source curation tools. (examples include: script, costume, location, cast, story notes, merchandise, brand and product placement, sponsorship content, ad content, photos, technical metadata and more.) Source further allows other integrated aspects like crowd sourced data and content to be contributed against the content by viewers accessing and binding their engagements, and then sharing (examples include: satire, messaging, fact checking, merchandizing, crowd sourced marketing, accessing fan data, social linking and more.)

The Source Platform consists of 4 key elements:

A production metadata and asset warehouse for contents related elements.

The data and ancillary content collection area. Sceneventory acts as a data confluence layer that allows for the collection of information at anytime during the production cycle. This data layer can be…read more.

Auto alignment and curation of stored metadata and assets, or insert/add new.

Kurtator is the Source curation toolset. A visual based tool, Kurator acts as a hybrid of data engagement management around content, including feature sets commonly included in…read more.

Extending a virtual access layer of all time aligned metadata and assets staged for engagement to any application or device

Whisper is the ACR and API engagement stack of the Source platform, that exposes any curated event at accuracy thresholds up to a sample rate level. Whisper is broken into three access…read more.

Finally understand your viewer and their behavior

Pulse is the data analytics layer associated with the Source platform. Pulse measures every low level detail around each users type and level of engagement. Knowing that the TV is turned on is not good enough anymore. For true viewer behavior…read more.


A new generation of consumer is here, along with emerging omni-screen access to support them. These consumers are demanding a more personalized experience and are willing to pay for these experiences, so long as they recognize a shift in uninterrupted programming. Producers and content owners must adapt to support this demand, or they risk loosing these viewers. Source technology supports content owners and consumers from creation to consumption in this domain. Source enables technical, enterprise, and consumer level applications that focus on supporting this new paradigm for interactive content viewing experiences. Source further enhances these applications by providing content owners and producers an underlying monetization support layer to assist in effectively contributing towards a reduction in the need for interrupted programming.

The result enables synchronized levels of engagement to facilitate applications like; content as a storefront for the “in screen” sale of products and services, extended information for education, crowd sourced marketing by creating incentives forconsumers to share offers, programmatic + enhanced advertising using in program metadata, and enhanced entertainment experiences like VR, interactivity, and “gameifcation”


The Source Platform approach follows a SaaS style usage based methodology that easily integrates with all other premise or cloud based architecture. Leveraging a distributed and rapid deployment architecture approach, Source easily fit’s into your existing content strategy.

Source’s simple pricing methodology makes the Source platform low cost and easy to adopt. Other than any initial up front configuration, integration, and customization fees; Simply pay as you go, or pay as you make money.

To become a Source customer or partner contact us by clicking HERE – or call 703.338.5493

The Source platform already integrates and supports many key and important production and distribution tools. Key Source partners include but are not limited to:


What is Personalization?

Personalization consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, as opposed to general group. It is a key element in social media and ad recommendation systems.

What is Smart Content?

First there was audio, then there was video, and now it’s all about the data. Smart Content is a combination of the vast array of information contained around a frame of video or a sample of audio, promoting the idea that intelligence can be associated with the content rather than just the user.

What is Omni Screen?

The new Omni-Screen World: Interactive Screens are no longer limited to TV’s but now nearly everywhere – mobile, tablets, computers, wearable tech, and even retail.

Who is Source?

The Source Digital technology and platform monetization strategies lie at the intersection of these three worlds. A data driven engagement platform built by industry leading experts, for a new generation of content viewing. Source allows content owners and their viewers to create instantaneously related, yet personalized experiences on any device. No more does the viewer need ask what content do I want? With Source, the content can now ask, “Who wants Me?”

The result enables synchronized levels of personal engagements enabling content as a storefront for the “in screen” sale of products and services, crowd sourced marketing by creating incentives for consumers to share offers, programmatic + enhanced advertising using in program metadata, and enhanced entertainment experiences like VR/AR, interactivity, and “gameifcation”

To learn more contact us by clicking HERE – or call 703.338..5493

Team Members

Henry Frecon

Henry (Hank) Frecon has been a seasoned technology leader for more than 14 years, and brings an in-depth understanding of the creation-to-consumer dynamics of media enterprises. Prior to starting SourceDigital, Frecon was Managing Director of RadiantGrid Technologies, where he led operations and oversaw the company’s finances. During that time…read more.

Patrick Greene
Chief Software Architect

Graduating from Penn State University with a BS in Computer Science in 2002, Patrick began toiling away for the man in a small cubicle with poor lighting and ventilation. The wooden chair he shared with the other programmers was missing a leg, so he had to use a stack of books to keep it up. After that brief stint, he had enough and with…read more.

Michael Phillips
VP Product & Engineering

Michael received a 1992 Technical Emmy for his role in the development of the original Avid/1 Media Composer.  Michael also earned a 1994 Academy Award® for Scientific & Technical Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as a pioneer in the digital switchover of Hollywood to nonlinear editing which included the…read more.

Joe Callahan
Chief Advisor Platform Development

Joe Callahan is the Chairman and CEO of The Ciright Companies, a global software and technology company.  In 1993, he founded Viewpoint Software, a company whose major accomplishment included the engineering, design, and prototyping of one of the world’s first smart phones in 1995. Viewpoint Software later became Ciright Systems and is…read more.

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