A production metadata and asset warehouse for contents related elements.

The data and ancillary content collection area. Sceneventory acts as a data confluence layer that allows for the collection of information at anytime during the production cycle. This data layer can be added to, subtracted from, edited or changed at any time during the content’s lifecycle.

The value of the Scenventory cloud-based database is the unique ability to allow highly relational information to be entered into a freeform state. Any external system or user can easily spin up any type of relational data into 2 key areas:

1) Container or higher order metadata (descriptive and technical), required for a range of content types in film, TV, content publishing to OVP’s, MCN’s, and MPN’s, and otherwise. Also valuable for various technical production and distribution systems. Includes metadata transformation publishing.

2) Time-aligned production and continuity level metadata collected from or during the production process. Can include descriptive information like costume, script, set, location, music, etc. Or technical information like; loudness information, color, aspect ratio, frame rate, etc.

i. Using Source BrandSync – expand on any set of production continuity level metadata to incorporate descriptive enhancements to the original data set for future brand and advertising based content monetization opportunities.
ii. Using Source Merchandize – expand on any set of production continuity level metadata to incorporate retail merchandizing options. Source includes a wide range of support features in this domain; including the ability to integrate with the content owners own retail management systems, or partner using Source integrated merchandizing support.


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3) Store related assets like photos, artwork, short form videos, reference links, and more.

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