Henry Frecon

Henry (Hank) Frecon has been a seasoned technology leader for more than 14 years, and brings an in-depth understanding of the creation-to-consumer dynamics of media enterprises. Prior to starting SourceDigital, Frecon was Managing Director of RadiantGrid Technologies, where he led operations and oversaw the company’s finances. During that time, Frecon and his partner sold RadiantGrid to Wohler Technologies, where Frecon stayed on to ensure a successful transition.  Some of Frecon’s previous positions include VP, business development at Agnostic Development Corp, a media technology development company.  As a consultant to CBS Corporation, Frecon managed projects focused on strategy and development of the CBS digital vision under the CIO’s group. Director of Business Development, National Sales Director, and other leadership positions for enterprise networking and cloud computing services provider SAVVIS (Now CenturyLink).

Michael Phillips
VP Product & Engineering

Michael received a 1992 Technical Emmy for his role in the development of the original Avid/1 Media Composer.  Michael also earned a 1994 Academy Award® for Scientific & Technical Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as a pioneer in the digital switchover of Hollywood to nonlinear editing which included the co-invention of the Avid Film Composer® and design of the Avid® Media Composer®. In 1999, Michael and Avid were awarded another Oscar® for their continued efforts in enhancing and developing the Avid Film Composer as well as a Massachusetts Innovator of the Year Award. Michael regularly consults with independent producers and directors in managing production and postproduction for feature films using digital technologies for the entire production process. Michael also has several Feature film producing, editing, and post consultant credits to his name and can be seen on IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0680643

Patrick Greene
Chief Software Architect

Graduating from Penn State University with a BS in Computer Science in 2002, Patrick began toiling away for the man in a small cubicle with poor lighting and ventilation. The wooden chair he shared with the other programmers was missing a leg, so he had to use a stack of books to keep it up. After that brief stint, he had enough and with partner Alex Harrington, co-founded Evo Technologies (http://www.evot.net), specializing virtual telephony software. Evo quickly became a market leader under his technical guidance, supporting customers like Regus. Since Patrick does not like sleeping, he instead decided to start developing ACR technologies envisioning a multi screen world where content and information is ubiquitously and seamlessly connected. After breathing life into his pet project, he joined the ranks of Source where he hopes to ultimately make the world a better place with treating audio as a data transport layer.

Joe Callahan
Chief Advisor Platform Development

Joe Callahan is the Chairman and CEO of The Ciright Companies, a global software and technology company.  In 1993, he founded Viewpoint Software, a company whose major accomplishment included the engineering, design, and prototyping of one of the world’s first smart phones in 1995. Viewpoint Software later became Ciright Systems and is today part of The Ciright Companies. Joe is a native of the internet and has facilitated the launch of many software and technology platforms that have helped businesses leverage the power and capability of the world wide net. Over the years, his companies have had partnerships with AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Ericsson, and several other leading technology and telecommunications companies. Joe is pleased to bring his technical contributions and patents over to Source Digital, in support of changing the way consumers engage with content.

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