Source's Experience Layer works across all screens and devices to transform video into a multi-screen, multi-touch experience.

Maximize Revenue

Monetize viewer engagements through discovery within video. Wherever video travels, we count and capture realtime conversions.

Own the Funnel

At any stage of the customer journey, we help creators maxmize their touch points. Gain insights into audience behavior, so you can shape & own your audience funnel.

Good Bye, Lost Metrics

Video is a pre-internet technology with wasteful engagement on interactive devices leaving billions of dollars of value on the table and loss of customers to others. Our solution captures the value of the audience engagement in realtime vs. guessing at the engagement.

Eliminate Audience Drift

Open up new revenue streams around existing consumer interactions. Instead of leading them to Google or Amazon, you can own the consumer journey through a single click to purchase interaction. 

Immediate Calls-to-Action Increase Conversions

Rather than waiting for the content to end in order to look for a certain good or service, users can do it immediately. This reduces the risk of the audience forgetting their interest on a given product.

Marketing & Social Media

Give your social audiences and marketing spends new life and longer tail value. We follow your content (and audience) wherever they consume your content.

Create with Purpose

Source’s technology implies a completely different approach to content creation, where the sales, production and technology departments of media companies have to work closer together to deliver both a great entertainment experience to the user, and a solid advertising platform to clients.

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